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Magic Knights Rayearth

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brutality of "HUMANS"

I've just received this email from some of my students and friends - which highlighted this issue of dolphin killings in Faroe Islands. After going through it I was wondering whether is this email just another of those jokes or silly chain letter thingies.

Then I searched the net and I found out that....unfortunately, it is true. Oh so very brutally and startlingly true!! If you Google up images of Faroe Island, you just cannot believe such a calm, beautiful place can have things like this going on. How can people kill those dolphins?? They have done no harm except by if being curious is a crime - but still it doesn't warrant being murdered in cold blood! Gross! And here humans sometimes think animals are brainless and we are (supposedly) right at the TOP of the chain. When we think of it, sometimes animals act more humane compared to us humans - which where the word 'humane' originates. Haha....what a joke, huh?!

** Pictures are just borrowed to make my point. Please don't sue me!

Anyway, I've found that this Faroe Islands is not actually part of the Kingdom of Denmark, for they have their own parliament and flag. Though not part of the EU, they definitely are part of the European continent and its a shame that I have always thought them to be civilised people, a developed nation. If killing something so innocent is a tradition of entering adulthood, then isn't it better NOT entering adulthood?? And even if its really is controlled and only done by highly trained and certified men, does it really have to be done in such massive numbers? Can't it just be enough to take 4-5? I mean, whales are HUGE if you didn't notice and by killing so many of them, it will definitely harm the population and the gene pool of their species (whales and dolphins).

Since their 2nd largest industry is tourism, (Faroe Islands Tourist Guide) maybe what we can do as our show of not condoning their barbaric practices is NOT go for holidays there. I know its on the passive side, however if everyone takes note of this - they might get the hint. Or we can sign the petition to stop this horrible act - END WHALE & DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER IN FAROE ISLANDS! I've done my part - now it's your turn. Though I know that the Faroese have their own traditions and culture that they adhere to, I still think its not wise to kill in such huge numbers. Killing once a year to enjoy the meat (of pilotwhales) may be okay in their opinion....but in the numbers these people are doing is just so frightening and heart wrenching - not to mention it is illegal. And to think that young children are allowed to watch the 'show'. What will that teach them? That killing is okay - as long as the victims are not human?? Is that the kind of values that is to be instilled in the younger generation?

This issue really does make one think through things, be it other people's culture, tradition, our own, the future of the young ones....even our own future & of our planet. Can the ecosystem really survive this abuse? And if it long can it survive? Do we even WANT our planet to just survive? Wouldn't it be better if it thrived?!!! And I'll leave off on that note...

There is a video of the slaughtering of the whales and dolphins. This is in someone else's blog. If you can't stand the sight of blood or violence - please do not watch. (How Sad to See This - Through Sky's Eyes)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Utada Hikaru - Flavour of Life_Lyrics

Lyrics & Music: Utada Hikaru

Arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayonara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

tomodachi demo koibito demo nai chuukan chiten de
shuukaku no hi wo yumemiteru aoi furu-tsu
ato ippo ga fumidasenai sei de
jirettai no nan notte? baby~

arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayounara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

amai dake no sasoi monku ajike no nai doku
sonna mono ni wa kyoumi wa sosorarenai
omoitoori ni ikanai toki datte
jinsei suteta mon janai tte

doushita no? to kyuu ni kikareru to “uun. nandemo nai”
sayounara no ato ni kieru egao watashi rashikunai
sinjitai to negaeba negau hodo nandaka setsunai
“aishiteru yo” yori mo “daisuki” no hou ga kimi rashii janai?
The flavor of life

wasurekakete ita hito no omoi wo totsuzen omoidasu koro
furitsumoru yuki no shirosa wo omou to sunao ni yorokobitai yo

daiyamondo yorimo yawarakakute atatakana mirai
teni shitai yo kagiri aru jikan wo kimi to sugoshitai
“arigatou” to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayounara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life


When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness.
The flavor of life

Stuck midpoint between friends and lovers,
like an un-riped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest
because of being unable to just move one more step forward
what’s causing this frustration baby

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Sweet talk and tasteless conversations.
it sparks no interest in me
even when things do not go the way you want
it doesnt mean you’ve thrown your life away

When asked ‘ whats wrong?’
I answer ‘its nothing’
The smile that disappears after goodbye
It’s unlike me

The more i wish to believe in you,
For some reason it hurts even more
‘i like you a lot’ instead of ‘i love you’ sounds more like you
the flavor of life

the period when you suddenly remember the scent of someone you had almost forgotten
I want to be able to openly and honestly cherish the white purity of the falling snow more

A future tender and warmer than a diamond
i want to grasp it, in this limited time we have, i want to spend it with you

when you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesnt
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life


I just love this song! Don't you? From the series Hana Yori Dango japanese version. Much nicer than the mandarin version done by F4.

Listen to the song : Flavour of Life

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you die of grief?

My poor Latte died too....just awhile ago. =( He must have been so lonely since Expresso passed on just yesterday. My heart is so heavy but I can't cry anymore. Feel very numb...

Last tribute to beloved Latte - we'll miss him horribly too. More so now we have none of them with us. (Sniff...) ='(

Rest in peace dearest Latte.
Passed on 25_09_2008; 6.00pm xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flash CS3 - LESSON 2

Since I needed to do something to distract me from my aching heart.... I did my second lesson on Flash. =)

"Doughnut on a plate on a checkered table cloth"

Broken Heart ??

You lighted up my life,
With your big, round, beautiful
soulful eyes,
With squeaks and squeals - annoying
at times but delightful in its own way,
Making me love you, squirming your way
into my heart.

Coffee madness, That's
what I named you & your mate,
Expresso and Latte,
My expression of love for coffee -
and for furry cuties such as yourself.
Now Latte is all alone - on his own,
And I cannot help feeling the same,
Do I ever regret? - I should have cuddled you
carried you & pampered you
When the sun was still nigh...

Broken Heart,
Is this how it feels?
When we regret something time cannot change,
When we wish things were done -
a little bit differently,
When it is too late....
to cry one's eyes out?

***Rest in peace dearest Expresso. You'll be sorely missed.
Passed on 24_09_2008; 7.30pm xoxoxo

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas!!! round the corner =)

I have lately joined my church's (The Life Chapel, Section 17) choir. So we'll be performing for this Christmas. Hahaha.....So far the songs are AMAZING!! I just cannot wait till our next practice session. =p

So if any of you guys reading my blog are interested to see me sing or just curious for the matter, do contact me ok? I'll be most happy to know you wanna attend our Christmas Cantata 2008!! Do contact me yea?

Oh, lately I'm also been keeping myself busy by learning Flash CS3 and also crocheting. Hahaha....I've always wanted to do crocheting but never had the time. Now, time is ALL I have. Hehe....Yaay to me!! Banzai!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flash CS3 - LESSON 1

Hello, hello!!

I just had my FIRST official lesson on Flash CS3 today. Hehehe... ^_^ Not that hard as I expected it to be. However, it is my first figures. =p

Hopefully I can learn enough to get sumthin going. Since I am "graping" now. Hahaha. I've published my first animation below. Enjoy....haha. [I know its lame. Dun rub it in - its "virgin territory". Mebbe later...hehe =p]